Asian Trail Mix Is Mixing It Up

Early in 2022, Samantha Dong came up with an idea: create an Asian-American-centered trail running group for runners around New York City. Bolstered by the success of Asian-American road running groups around the city, along with encouragement from the community, she put herself out there. In May, she organized Asian Trail Mix’s first run in Central Park.

Still, she had no idea how many people would show up.

“When I announced our first run on Instagram, I had no graphic design skills. I didn’t

ASICS Exercise Study Reveals the Startling Barriers Women Face

In late February, ASICS published a global study Closing the Gender Exercise Gap revealing the gender gap in exercise. It was the largest study of its kind, with data from 24,722 survey respondents and 26 focus groups across more than 40 countries.

This study, led by renowned academics Dr. Dee Dlugonski at the University of Kentucky and Brendon Stubbs at King’s College London, found that more than half of women globally are dropping out or stopping exercise completely. This high drop-out rate,

This Social Worker Wants Runners to Find the Joy in Movement

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Name: Lidia Garcia

Occupation: Therapist, associate clinical social worker

Age: 38

Hometown: Pasadena, California

Time Running: 22 years

Reason for Running: Sport is analogous to life. Toeing the line, performing my best, and representing for my community, my gender, my current age group, and all the ones I’ve been before, it restores my worth. Running is also my form of advocacy for the up and

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone Found Faith On Her Journey to Gold

Olympian and 400-meter hurdle world record holder, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone has written a memoir. Most athletes wait until the end of their career to reflect on their legacy, but McLaughlin-Levrone has been an exception since she first competed in the Olympics at age 16. But why is the 24-year-old athlete penning her story now?

“There is no better time to share my personal story than the present,” says McLaughlin-Levrone. “In this upcoming year when I prepare for the Olympic Trials, lots of pe

Runners, It's Time to Build Your Atomic Habit of Strength Training

If you struggle to incorporate strength training into your running routine, you are not alone.

Many of us are naturally drawn to the endorphins we get from moving our bodies outside rather than in a gym. And as much as we understand the importance of strength training for injury prevention and building running efficiency, sometimes we neglect it. We know these facts:
• Working on mobility and range of motion makes our running more efficient.
• Core strength and stability assists in navigating t

The Most Inspiring Running Performances of 2023

From Tigst Assefa’s astonishing 2:11:53 marathon world record to Sha’Carri Richardson storming back onto the top spot of the world stage to Faith Kipyegon setting three world records and winning two more world titles to solidify herself as the greatest middle-distance runner of all time, runners turned in impressive feats on the road, trails, and track in 2023.

Age-group, American, and world records were set this year in everything from the 400 meters to 48 hours. North Carolina State won its t

Could Hormone Therapy Be the Right Solution for Menopausal Masters Runners?

This year has been one for the record books when it comes to female masters runners, or a runner over the age of 40, also sometimes called a veteran runner. In July, four women from The Central Park Track Club set the 4x800m relay world record (for ages 55-59) at the 2023 USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, held in North Carolina. Judy Stobbe (58), Jennifer Harvey (55), Dominique Saint-Louis (57), and Sue Pearsall (58) ran a cumulative time of 10:36.35, beating the previous record (10:37.07) by

Zachary Friedley Launches International Clinic for Adaptive Trail Runners

About the halfway point of the 42K Martigny-Combe to Chamonix (MCC) race, as part of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) this past August, Zachary Friedley found himself strangely worried about not finishing his dream race, something he trained hard for—and it wasn’t because of the mountains.

Friedley was on top of a mountain around 21K (mile 13) in a blizzard, trying to continue the race. A few volunteers informed him that he would not make the next aid station cut-off at Argentiére.

“The we

This Paralympian Defined Her Own Future. It Includes Podiums for Others Like Her.

Scout Bassett learned an important lesson from an early age: you have to create your own luck.

Born as Zhu Fuzhi (“Lucky Girl” in Chinese), Bassett had to endure years of life’s cruel irony in her name. As an infant, she survived a fire that resulted in the loss of her leg, as well as the early abandonment by her biological parents.

Part autobiography, part self-help, part social critique, Bassett’s new book Lucky Girl, Lessons on Overcoming Odds and Building a Limitless Future offers a candid

How Runners in Phoenix Survived the Hottest Summer Ever

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The city of Phoenix, Arizona, made national news at the end of July: 31 consecutive days of heat above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking its 18-day record in 1974.

Besides being known for its unrelenting heat, desert landscape, and a diverse and vibrant urban Indigenous population, Phoenix is also home to a thriving running community, with several local running clubs and

The Fastest 60-Year-Old Woman on Earth Is Only Getting Faster

If you follow master’s track and field, it’s hard to miss Sue McDonald’s astonishing accomplishments this season, including eight world records in the 60-64 women’s age group—seven ratified, one pending.

Having recently snatched world records in the indoor 800 meters (2:25.72) and indoor 1,500 meters (5:08.88), McDonald was unstoppable chasing outdoors records, too: 400 meter (62.34), 800 meter (2:22.52), 1,500 meter (5:04.27), mile (5:28.02), and 300 meter (48.89) at several Southern Californi

Nikki Hiltz On Their American Record, Queer Joy, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you follow track and field news closely, it’s hard to miss all the national titles Nikki Hiltz has been collecting: Indoor 1500-Meter National Champion. Outdoor 1500-Meter National Champion. Perhaps the most unexpected title of all, the American record holder in the mile (4:16.35) at the Monaco Diamond League this past weekend. Nikki went into the race feeling good about their fitness, but they were shocked about breaking this decade-old record.

Women’s Running Magazine recently caught up wi

This Tennis Star Fell in Love with Running. Here’s What She Learned.

Many runners cite the lack of hand-eye coordination as one of the reasons they get into running. That certainly does not describe Danielle Lao, a professional tennis player, Hoka ambassador, and author of The Invaluable Experience, a book about her student athlete journey.

Lao, 32, has had an illustrious tennis career so far: two-time U.S. Open main draw qualifier, team captain of University of Southern California’s women’s tennis team, and two-time NCAA All-American. But perhaps most impressiv

Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Love: A Review of ‘Choose Strong’ by Sally McRae

If you only knew Sally McRae from her YellowRunner Instagram handle or her training app, you’re probably like me, filled with questions of how: How did she still have the energy to jump in joy after finishing the 250-mile Cocodona race? How did she win the Badwater 135-mile ultra-race in 2021, despite puking in 120-degree weather? How did she twice finish in the top 10 at Western States Endurance Run while most trail runners only dream about getting into the race? How does she strength-train so

Chasing Goodness: Lauren Fleshman’s 'Good for a Girl'

To start Lauren Fleshman’s book Good for a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man’s World is to start with a question: did she mean something is good for a girl? Or a sarcastic she’s good… for a girl?

Maybe the answer is a little bit of both? Part memoir, part critique of a sports system built around a man’s body, Fleshman offers a searingly candid look at her own victimhood and complicity, interlaced with compelling data and concrete ideas on how we can change this environment.

Fleshman is a retired

Sharon Moreno Hernandez Redefines Toughness

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Last November at the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Cross Country State Championship meet, the coach Sharon Moreno Hernandez brought her team to the fourth place in Girls’ Division IV, with the top runner placing 10th overall at her school, Bishop Amat Memorial High School in the San Gabrielle Valley area, in Los Angeles. It was her fourth year as an assistan

Runner and Kinesiology Professor Steven Loy Built a Community Health Program That Works for All

Steven Loy started in the last wave of the inaugural San Fernando Valley Mile, on Saturday, October 29, 2022. It was both an exciting and stressful day for Loy, a kinesiology professor at California State University in Northridge. He was not only the race organizer, but also a runner himself.

Loy had created this one-mile race to give the participants of his community-based, student-led fitness program, an opportunity to test their limits. 3WINS Fitness is a nationally recognized, free exercise

These Recipes With Traditional Chinese Medicinal Ingredients Can Be a Boon For Runners

Look. At. You. You, the runner, over-achiever, opportunity maximizer, super disciplinarian… In the summer, are you trying various hydration hacks? Or fine-tuning your nutrition for a fall marathon?

Enter Chinese medicinal food, where food serves as medicine; and everyday ingredients, used properly, can up your nutrition game.

The earliest ideas that codified key principles of Chinese medicinal food appeared on The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, written in the early Han Dynasty (206 BC –

After a Cancer Diagnosis, This Runner Was More Determined Than Ever To Run Boston With His Daughter

Name: Pedro Rojas

Age: 68

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Occupation: Retired; former executive editor at La Opinión

Time Running: 36 years

Reason for Running: Running is essential to who I am. I run for my family and my community.

That famous left turn on Boylston Street at the Boston Marathon felt different and special to me on April 18th, 2022. Though I had made the same turn many times before, this was the most significant turn because I had ran side-by-side with my daughter, Jenniffer

Strength & Mobility Routine with Runners with Jinghuan — RISING HEARTS

Join Jinghuan on a 45-minute strength and mobility session for runners. Please bring a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and an elastic band to the class. We will have a routine that focuses on your core, hip and ankle mobility, and balance.See you soon!

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Our classes are donation based on a sliding scale. The actual cost of the class is $20 and that covers paying the instr

How People of Color Can Find Joy and Respite in the Outdoors

Spending time outdoors—whether for activities like running, cycling, walking, or even taking some quiet time to soak in all that nature has to offer—has long been heralded as something that’s free, easy to do, and accessible to all. But the truth is not exactly that simple. Historically, Black and Indigenous communities and people of color have had less access to nature than white communities. In fact, according to a 2020 report commissioned by the Hispanic Access Foundation and the Center for A

Jinghuan Liu Tervalon—the morning shakeout

“I have always seen myself as a writer, my husband is a writer, and I always thought I had a talent in writing and with words. I thought, ‘this is time to really put my talent to work,’ to not only advocate for AAPI runners, but also for all runners of color and those who do not see themselves as runners—to make running a more welcoming and inclusive space.”

Jinghuan Liu Tervalon is a mother and a runner from Southern California. She started running 14 years ago to deal with heartache and to do

360 YOU: Sabrina de la Cruz Opens Up About Mental Health as a New Mom

Meet Sabrina De La Cruz, mom to 8-month-old Myles, 2020 Olympic Trials qualifier, runner, social worker, and founding member of Angel City Elite–a Brook’s affiliated women’s team based in Los Angeles with a mission to increase BIPOC representation in distance running. We caught up with De La Cruz as part of our Spring 2022 360 YOU program. Our focus for the second edition of this members-only program, led by TrackClubBabe, is how to unlock your potential.

Sabrina De La Cruz has been lucky to sh
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